The Fairgrounders perform opening ceremonies each year at the North Texas Fair & Rodeo, run sponsor flags and promote a positive spirit in the community and at the fair! The team consists of 12 women of various ages and backgrounds. There is also a Junior Fairgrounders team that performs during the 21 & Under rodeo.

Rachel Williamson

Horse: Cutie Pie

Cutie and Rachel are going into their third year on the team. Rachel has been in Denton her entire life, so is super excited to be co-chair of the committee. When not at the fair, she works in account management for a marketing agency and shows Cutie at versatility ranch horse shows!

Cheyenne Smith

Horse: Scooter

This will be Cheyenne and Scooter’s second year as Fairgrounders. Cheyenne grew up down the road in Krum, Texas and has been coming to the fair her entire life competing in the 21 & Under rodeo. Outside of being a Fairgrounder, she is a bartender and photographer. Cheyenne is so excited and can’t wait to see everyone!

Polly Ballard

Horse: Panini

This is Polly and Panini’s third year on the team. Polly grew up in Denton riding at local playdays and the fair. Now, she lives east of Dallas in Combine, Texas. Her and her husband rope and rodeo on their free weekends and are big into breeding and riding young horses. Polly can’t wait to be back in the arena with the team!

Shelby Jackson

Horse: Dollar

Shelby has been a Fairgrounder for four years. She lives in Kemp, Texas and spends her spare time team roping and hanging out with her kids!

Ashley Saylors

Horse: Colby

Ashley has been on the team for almost seven years on multiple horses. This year, she is using her husband’s rope horse. When not doing this, she is in nursing school or training horses. She loves being a role model to her daughter, who is anxiously waiting to be part of the team in the future!

Courtney Ford

Horse: Bud

Riding the best boy, Bud is the OG Fairgrounders pony! Courtney has been a Fairgrounder herself since 2017. She is an FR-P and loves the horse life.

Sarah Jo Salter

Horse: Joe

Sarah has been part of the team for several years. Joe is 14, and they’ve had him for 11 years. He’s their all-around guy who helps people learn to ride, heels, barrel races, sorts, pole bends, ranch horse classes – you name it, he’ll do it. Sarah is a stay-at-home mom of three amazing kids and wife to the man of her dreams! She teaches riding lessons, homeschools her kids and trains horses every now and then.

Brooke McGee

Horse: Boss

This is Boss and Brooke’s first year on the Fairgrounders, and they are very excited to be part of the team. Brooke is originally from Lewisville, Texas and now lives in Melissa, Texas working as a banker. In her free time, Boss and Brooke travel to local shows and compete in ranch cuttings and sortings!

Tristan Sievers

Horse: Love

This is Tristan and Love’s first year as Fairgrounders, and they are very excited. Love is a retired show horse turned rodeo pony, who is loving her new job. Tristan designs tactical military gear during the day, and shows and trains Arabians in her free time!

Heather Beauchesne

Horse: Burner

This will be Heather’s eighth year at the North Texas Fair & Rodeo as a Fairgrounder. She is passionate about all things horses, is a certified equine therapist and currently has a miniature service horse named Olaf. She works at Children’s Health in Plano, Texas as an acute care pediatric occupational therapist. In her spare time, Heather enjoys riding horses with her family and working their little farm in Sanger, Texas!

Holly Tillison

Horse: Foxie

Originally from Denton and a proud UNT alum, Holly is a North Texas Fair & Rodeo super fan and supporter. She raised and trained her horse from a baby, and this will be Foxie’s first year at the fair. When Holly is not riding horses, she is raising kids and pets in Sanger, Texas and working as an IT analyst!

Caitlyn Uber

Horse: Danny

Caitlyn is the current Junior Fairgrounders team captain. She has been running sponsor flags for four years now and is currently an equine vet tech. Her and Danny also love running barrels!